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    Hello! My name is Norman Riley. I am an amateur art photographer marooned in Bellingham, Washington, who shoots strictly large format, black and white film. I am pleased to be among you! As a further means of introducing myself, I have posted my first image to the black and white photography gallery, i.e., it is my first post to this forum, not the first photograph I ever made. The first image ever made was terrible in every imaginable respect. I would like to think the one posted today is somewhat better than the first one I ever made, and I hope those of you who may view it will find it interesting. I understand that I will be able to add a link to my website after I have made 20 posts here, and I look forward to doing that.


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    Re: Hello

    welcome to the forum; not sure many here would share your large format passion; even understand it . Certainly too exacting for me. Yep; digital photography make us very lazy with a camera

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