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    Are there still 'wet' printing services around ?


    Would any members know where I can get my 35mm film negatives printed the old fashioned way ie wet printing. There used be photo minilabs almost everywhere but now they've all been replaced with inkjet printing kiosks.

    If you know of a place in Melbourne all the better otherwise a place that provides a mail order service will be okay.


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    Re: Are there still 'wet' printing services around ?

    > Colour Factory - Melbourne, Vic.
    > The Negative Darkroom, Blue Mountains, NSW (BOW only - ask for Enrico, pretty sure he does toning also)
    > Blanco Negro, Hunter Valley NSW (there used to be a pick up available in Newtown, Sydney) B&W only.
    > I also provide hand crafted, B&W and Monochrome and Toning of Archival Display Prints from 135 to 5x4 Format negs.

    FYI - concerning the services that I provide: the Client takes ALL responsibility for any damage or loss to any negatives which are not handed to me personally, if you're thinking of posting or couriering your negatives to a Wet Lab Technician, I advise you to ask their policy in this regard.

    That information provided, I think that, unless you're looking at high quality prints for a special purpose, I think that it would be a much better option for you to have your negatives scanned and then digitally printed.


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