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Thread: Dress Code.

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    Dress Code.

    My friend Jack wanted to travel into Cambodia, so I went to their Embassy in Hanoi.
    While I was there I met this Russian/American young Lady who told me she had come here earlier this morning,
    wearing a pair of shorts, and a flimmsy white top.
    You can't enter the Embassy dressed like that, go home and change into some decent clothes.

    As the Dress Code for Vietnam was that shoulders and knees must be covered.

    Later I told (Minh) the young Lady who was my guide around Hanoi that I was going down to Hoi An tomorrow.
    Can you "take me with you" she replied.
    So I booked an extra Ticket for Da Nang .... the old French Port City.
    Coming into Da Nang by train was very nice, high up on the plateau Da Nang looked gorgeous.
    And all the way down the Marine Parade it was full of live fish Restaurants.
    And Minh wanted to go to a fish Restaurant, so off we went.
    The first Photo shows the fish.
    But the other Photos shows our Waitress, in a short dress.
    And then it occured to me that all the waitresses in Vietnam have short Dresses.

    So what happened to their Dress Code?
    I meant to ask someone, but forgot?

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    Re: Dress Code.

    Yep it's short alright. Trust you to notice!

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