just sharing ideas for your happy snaps

Fun, war, and games in the backyard
2018 01008-1.jpg

Basic Lumix FZ300 raw files edits in Lr5
put together in Pse12 where there is text, grids, and rules.
Some basic finishing editing in Lr5

I had no real plans at the start [or when snapping away] so everything just evolves from a basic ideas . Now I have this collage, I don't really have a need for the original raw/dng files and they will likely be deleted . Actually; I will not have a use for PSD file and ALL the layers ---- a large jpg file will do.
The background is a photo of the cat's face --- transformed to fit

BTW: Mostly camera "auto" --- some files have been heavily cropped -- pop up flash used -- no machine gun mode used -- all one click at a time (or I would still be trying to sort the rubbish/Ok/good/better/best pics. Only a few files were not used

The message is you don't need to be overly fussy with your personal family happy snaps -- don't get bogged down file/film/photo quality as I did with my Kid's pics -- a basic easy to use camera will do -- nothing wrong with jpg; but using raw capture is good insurance -- keep and file the best only photos -- no point having good/better/great photos if you; or others, cannot find them in years to come.

BACK UP at least your best photos on a number of devices

That many words was not in the original plan (and I removed but saved the work flow bits

questions and honest comments welcome 🤠