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    I love churches, when it's not a wedding

    Churches, especially stone churches with history. I love them, but I don't love weddings. That's where things like Baptisms and Christenings come in. All the joy, none of the stress!
    100 guests in this one!

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    Re: I love churches, when it's not a wedding

    YEP!! I remember the feeling with weddings; + all the associated bull that went/goes with wedding
    Portrait photography was so much more relaxing I found

    I do miss the aerial stuff but so glad I'm a long way out any other work photography -- too much stress!
    Must admit I enjoyed weddings a lot more when i started leaving a most of the extra gear at home --- even did a couple with just a film body+50mm lens and a couple of P+S Oly MJU cameras --- still think that was some of my better wedding photography

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