Hi guys,

Hopefully I've found the right place to post this question...

I'm looking to buy some ND filters for long-exposure landscapes - sunsets, waterfalls, beaches, you name it. I love the look of smooth pastel skies, dreamy waterscapes, etc. Also wouldn't mind having some grad filters in my kit for those times the sky wants to wash out...

I'm shooting my landscapes with my Canon 6D with a Tamron 24-70mm f2.8 lens, though I do intend to pick up something wider angle at some stage.

I've been doing a bit of research and am quite keen on the Nisi 100mm 2nd Gen starter kit or something similar from Lee Filters. From what reading I've done I'd prefer to steer well away from any kind of variable ND filter. It appears the Nisi kit is likely my best bang-for-buck option for the level of quality I'd like (I tried an el-cheapo Ebay set - you get what you pay, let's just leave it at that!). I'm very keen to get 6-stop and 10-stop ND filters, at least one soft grad ND filter, a circular CPL filter, and a holder system.

While I am just a hobbyist, I like quality gear at a price point I can justify. Any recommendations or suggestions would be hugely appreciated!

Thank you!

Does anyone have some feedback on this filter kit? Or a better way to get the filters that will likely suit my needs?