Hi guys

Firstly any help in any way is appreciated😃 A it about me first and what I'm aiming to achieve.

1. I have a good understanding of photography and the industry, I have been practicing (self teaching/reading/online tutorials/online short courses) for over a year. Mainly taking pictures of landscape in day and night in different sinarios including long exposure. Now I do landscape for hobby (I love it but not the area I want my business) I have done a little portrait practice with siblings and pets. ( photography is the only career I am passionatly interested in so please don't try and put me off. I know it's going to be a long hard road with many ups and downs)

2. The area I am really interested in is studio photography (children, newborns and family's) and weddings. My long long term goal is to have my own studio (in my own home first) and be doing weddings. (Hard work I know but I'm not afraid of that).

3. Right now I'm in Sydney Australia, off to do my farm work next month and then plan on settling in Sydney long term around January after I have done my farm work for my second year visa. (I really want to make a life for me here, but it's getting made harder to do, with photographers being on the skilled visa list at the moment this is my best chance.

Now My questions to you guys

How do I take myself further right now starting today ? I want to be getting out and practicing portraiture, practicing/shadowing in studios and assisting at weddings. Any TFP shoots? How do I get into them? Any recommendations of studios to ask for work experience? My short term goal is getting employed in a local photography studio first and foremost.

I currently work weekdays but I want my evenings/ weekends filling up with pushing my career forward! I don't currently have the money to be spending on workshops and courses (backpacking budget) but after farm work that will be my aim so any wedding/newborn or studio workshop/courses you can recommend?

And advice/recommendations/views will be greatly appreciated so please help a young girl out to finally start pushing a dream forward.