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    Wedding Photography Business for Sale - Epic Photography

    Hey everyone!

    Do any of you have experience selling a business?

    I'm considering moving onto other ventures and wondering what a wedding photography business would be worth.

    The sale would include:
    - all the gear
    - a website ( at the top of page 1 of google
    - about 1-2 wedding enquiries per day
    - makes about $100,000 of profit per year
    - I have one photographer

    I guess the argument is that if you're just starting out, you would have to buy all the gear, build a website, spend time or money on SEO, market your work with hardly any portfolio and eventually start making bookings after a year, maybe more. OR you can buy an existing business and start making bookings and income straight away.

    Any advice would be awesome!!


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    Re: Wedding Photography Business for Sale - Epic Photography

    not sure a photo business is worth much at all, most just pack up, sell the gear for a lot less than they think it's worth and walk away . Finding someone with your 'style' is the problem as wedding photography can be rather personal and there is no guarantee the bookings will accept the new owner

    not sure you qualify for 'free advertising' on the forum which is really looking for donations atm

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