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Thread: Be honest but polite

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    Be honest but polite

    If you want improve your photography this is the forum for you

    This forum is for honest constructive comment of your photos and photography; however all comment should be polite. If you feel someone has been too harsh on your work then it's best not to reply straight away. Have a think about the comments before replying; after all it's just someone expressing their option. You don't have to agree and a polite thank you and may be a please explain question is usually the best reply

    For best result; only post one photo, or several variations of the one photo per thread

    One thread a day will give members more time to consider your photo . If you don't get any replies you can politely bump the thread back to the top of the New Post list.

    If you give an honest but negative comment it's polite to add some constructive comment on how the improve the posted photo or how photograph a similar subject later on

    If you post photos here then please comment on other's photos also.
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