Why are you losing it?

  1. esbie
    This is a good starting point. If you write down why you are losing the weight then you can come back to here for motivation to remind yourself when the going gets tough.

    I am losing weight because I have a better chance of getting healthy and kissing goodbye some health issues. I also miss the extra confidence boost I used to have when I was a size 10/12. To be able to go shopping where ever I want again would be fantastic too!
  2. IanB
    I have been loosing weight to encourage my kids to loose some weight but it may take a while to look like this again
  3. Saintsgirl
    WOW, what a spunk Ian!!

    I lost 12.8kgs with Weight Watchers about 3 yearsago, and although i ahven't put it ALL back on, I do feel self conscious. Amazing how just a few kilos can make you feel sluggish and frumpy again!

    Problem is I LOVE my alcohol and food, bu I am making conscious efforts to make a better choice. Eg. Drink wine instead of Bourbon and Coke. Eat fish and salad instead of carbonara!

    I aim to start my own little weight loss challenge next week. Give mysel a healthy time frame with which to lose the weight to get to my goal weight.

    Does anyone want to confess what their weight and height are?

    I am about 5ft 5, and weigh 64kg. I would ideally like to get to 60kg.
  4. esbie
    I'll confess mine.. 170cm; 108kg. In 2007 I was only 55kg and want to get back to that by the end of the year. My goal is to lose 10% at a time every 2 months so the numbers don't seem too daunting.

    Unfortunately years of anorexia and bulimia screwed up my body and I'm now paying the price physically. I've got super slow metabolism, polycystic ovary syndrome, gastro reflux disease, major iron deficiency plus other random things that make life hell (but you just gotta deal lol). I can't eat sauces and spices, citric fruits and a few other things because of the reflux, dairy is out because of lactose intolerance, gluten is limited due to intolerance also. I'm basically left with vegies, fruit, rice and protein (chicken, fish, tuna, beans) so I'm a very healthy eater with no real appetite yet the weight won't budge so I get to the point some days where I wonder if it'll ever change.
  5. Ausnapper
    I think this is great that you are doing something. As the saying goes if you keep doing the same thing nothing will change.

    This is close to me also, I made some changes years ago to improve my health I gave up Cigs and took up eating, still much better for you than the smokes but only just. I also drunk like a fish. I can tell you Saints keep off the wine if you want to loose weight as well. Needless to say very quickly the weight stacked on, limited exercise late nights in front of the computer etc... So I need to do something. Start somewhere, for me I started just cutting down portions and I have stopped drinking all together. By doing this alone I have shifted about 10kgs from the start of the year. I find I am having to wok a bit harder now to shed those extra kilos. Still a bit to go but heading in the right direction.

    I wish all of you the best and I will keep checking back from time to time.
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