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Posting Images

There are two ways to post images the first is by using attachments, with this method you can upload selected images direct from your computer but you must first make sure your image to upload has a maximum length along the longest side of not more than 900 pixels. (You can resize and check in just about any image program)

- Upload from your computer (attachments).

1) Click ("New Thread" or "Post Reply" ) Write your message then click the attachment button (The Paper Clip Icon) You may need to first click "advanced" under the editing box if you do not see the icon)


2) Browse for the file from your computer

3) Click "Upload". If it uploads succsesfully the image name will appear in in the Attachement Key at the bottom. You can keep adding images but only 5 are allowed in one post

4) Once you have uploaded the images close the upload window (close this window top right)

5) Now when you return to the message box click on the attachment icon again (the paper clip) and you will see the file names of your attachements

6) Select the attachments one by one and the code will apear in the message window

7) Click “Preview Post” to see the actual attachments in your thread before you click "Submit".

8) Click submit message

Linking Images from a URL (Images already on a Website)

The other way is to upload them from a URL. That is you need to have your photos already uploaded to another web site. There are some issues with this as some sites do not allow linking from another web page (hot linking).

But you can also get yourself a Gallery in the Members Gallery, from where you can link them directly to this forum.

1. Upload your image to the gallery
2. Get the URL by right clicking on the image and selecting 'copy image location'

3. When posting click on the mountain icon at the top and paste the URL in the box that will pop up.

Note: In both case please only use your own images unless you have permission to display someone elses images)

How Do I Post in The Monthly Challenge

Originally Posted by MistieWatters 1. Go to gallery in the black bar at the top of the page 2. Vote in the previous month's challenge 3. Slect your image on your computer after making sure it is 800 pixels on longest side. 3. Click "upload photo" (on the right) 4. Upload your image into the current month's gallery Make sure that the image you upload has been taken not more than 2 weeks prior to thats months challenge (EXIF date on original may be requested)

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