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29-12-2017, 04:13 PM
Hang glider and parasailor Dixon Park Beach Newcastle. I get why they do it. The adrenalin rush must be incredible. But what I can't imagine doing.....is for the very first time..... jumping off a perfectly good cliff hoping those practice runs (probably in sand dunes) will be enough to prevent gravity doing what comes naturally to gravity. These guys made it look so easy.....like anyone could do it. But not anyone can do it.

29-12-2017, 08:58 PM
I fly kites, and some rather big ones at times.
Some of these have the ability to lift far more than just a person off the ground.
Once you have experienced this, and understand the size and wind relation, you can easily see why they stay up and don't come down.
I have done a tandem paraglide (not parasailing, parasailing is the one towed behind the boat) and it was fantastic!!
Just floating on the air currents that push up against the side of the hill, allows the paraglider to ride the up draft, and remain "level".
Known as slope soaring, the pilot uses the compressed air (the air is pushed upwards against the hill or even sand dunes as it strikes it), this makes it more dense and gives it a far greater lifting ability.
You may have seen birds soar along the beach at the top of the sand dunes, they are riding this pressure ridge and don't need to flap their wings to remain airborne.
There is also a similar increase in air density about a meter or two off the surface of the water. It is this dense air that the albatross rides to cover hundreds of kilometers.
The Russians in the 60's even made a flying seaplane known as an Ekranoplan, that makes use of ground effects to fly, using the same dense air.

29-12-2017, 09:01 PM
They also have to do courses to give them the ability to fly solo.
Most are registered, and should display a number that can be used to find them should they need to be found.
It is not as simple as just throwing oneself off a cliff.