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  1. Beginner's links
  2. Couple tips to get the best out of this forum
  3. some great tutorials to get get you started
  4. How much does gear matter >>link to Andrew M's thread<<
  5. <> <> Cannot post photos; then please read <><>
  6. lots of basic and beyond info
  7. read this to learn a lot
  8. [First Camera Advice] New or old?
  9. before and after
  10. Getting back to my old hobby, help!
  11. Need camera recommendations for family camera please
  12. noticing
  13. Photography Is Always Challenging .
  14. Suitable Microphone for Sony Camcorder
  15. some honest thoughts from an honest thought
  16. RX100 V vs. previous models?
  17. Camera Life
  18. Sometimes the editing program or camera doesn't really matter that much
  19. oldish link but still true enough
  20. Nothing to photography? No magical grand landscapes near you?