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    O'Reilly's National Park QLD

    Spent the weekend up at O'Reilly's National Park and managed to get some images with the camera. I am still new to using a digital SLR so any feedback would be appreciated.

    Thank you for looking.
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    Re: O'Reilly's National Park QLD

    like the second shot the best

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    Re: O'Reilly's National Park QLD

    A great start,looking forward to more examples TFS


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    Re: O'Reilly's National Park QLD

    Nice colours in the sky for the sunset one but I find all the trees distracting, not sure whether you could have moved to get a clearer view of the sky. The view from O'Reilly's is nice but again I think it would have been better with less foliage in the foreground. Also it needs more contrast/saturation to make it pop a bit more.

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    Re: O'Reilly's National Park QLD

    I like the second and third. I like the framing of the second and the colours in the third. I would like to see a bit more above the waterfall in number 1.


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